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Funny Isn’t It? You worked hard all your life, Hoping that someday that you could put your feet up on a sunny porch and do nothing more than reading a book. But when that day does arrive, you start missing the frantic pace – Feeling left out and without purpose. Suddenly, you don’t want to slow down. You wish you could turn back the clock and start rushing again.

However prepared you to think you are for retirement, the reality is very different, and the emptiness looms large. That period of your life that you earn for all your working years, does not seem to hold the same appeal anymore. You begin to feel that this is the beginning of old age, and it is downhill from here.

Don’t Despair! You are not the only one who feels this way. It’shows most people nearing retirement feel. At MY HAPPY HOME, we have spent a lot of time working with senior citizens to understand how exactly they feel. It has only helped us serve them better.

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Welcome to Best Old Age Home in Hyderabad where you never have to retire from life!

An old age home is not only acknowledged by its quality of service only, but also for the caring and kind-hearted people who serve the elderly people. My happy home is one of the well-known Senior Citizen Homes in Hyderabad where both, the services and the staff are outstanding and top-class. It brings a fresh and novel idea of retirement homes in Hyderabad for seniors who cherish freedom and their passion for independent living. It is a unique retirement community for senior citizens and elderly people which is designed to offer personal care, physical, spiritual and emotional needs of its residents. My happy home is the only senior citizen home in Hyderabad which is run and managed by a family with corporate level standards which provides excellent services and maintains a high standard in lifestyle, living quality, hygiene and personal care for the elderly people. It not only offers superb housing services but also having amusement facilities and medical support for the elderly people, hence it is positively one of the best luxurious retirement homes in Hyderabad. And the residential services are economical, affordable as well as luxury with amazing facilities with furnished cottages, well decorated rooms, leisure and sports conveniences are available here for the comfort of the elderly people. Also for sophisticated people who love technology, there is Internet facility so that they will remain connected with other socialize people. It makes the dream comes true for the elderly people who wish to lead a self-determining life without any stress and pain. Mostly elderly people need basic things in their life confidence, healthy diet& hygiene, spiritual touch and social connectivity with like minded companion to share their thoughts and feelings. Unfortunately, loss of vision, fine motor skills, physical ability, and memory can make it complicated to take on daily tasks like bathing, shaving, and hair care. My happy home services are one of the best ways to help loved ones when hygiene becomes a matter.

One of the Best Old Age Home in Hyderabad

These services are specially designed to keep them confident, independent, safe, and healthy in the comfort of their own home. Our caring caregivers can provide seniors with support in all steps of the bathing and grooming processes to maintain their hygiene level. Not only that My happy home also ensures the elderly people, that they are surrounded by safe hands with a meticulous range of home care takers. From emergency response to post hospital care we understand that elderly home care can be disheartening. Therefore, our home care services are designed to bring you peace of mind. My happy home based on the philosophy is to adopting the high-quality principles of lifestyle and paying proper care to mental illnesses of older adults and recognizing their problems may protect mental health in old age. So we put together personalized plans after a detailed assessment of physical, mental and spiritual conditions of the elderly care by giving exclusive yoga class, meditation as well as Holy Scriptures reading such as Ramayan and Bhagbat Gita Path. A lot of yoga and Pranayama classes are carried out under the supervision of experts’ inorder to keep the health of the elderly fit and strong. Best Old Age Home in Hyderabad carefully handpick every tutor for catering to yoga for seniors. These tutors are certified specialists in their field with over years of experience and immense ability to bring in admirable results in the shortest span of time. My happy home is carried out with a vision for substantial research for proving, a significant healthy diet and Nutrition which is the key factors associated with the health and overall well being of every elderly individual.

As we researched for the years to know the needs of the elderly, hence it can be your home with promise of living in good atmosphere in dignity, enjoying old age and having good health and peace. You will be covered by health and nutrition diet, warmth, love and care, relieved, fully comforted of daily responsibilities to enable enjoyment of living and socializing with other surrounding residents. Our team works with an aim of offering extreme care, comfort, dignity, and security to the elderly people that are the most important needs for Hyderabad old age homes. This modern luxury retirement homes in India is designed in such a way that brings smile in every face and also to provide an ideal retirement for senior citizens. We represent a complete living atmosphere specially planned for elderly people. This includes well furnishing rooms, dining facilities, healthcare advantage, fine amusement options, spiritual growth facility, security and a team of caring and loving elder-care professionals. The staffs and caregivers are well trained in professional ways; specialize in providing our residents with bespoke care. Hence our people get assistance from meaningful activities, healthy food and beautifully decorated living rooms. At MY HAPPY HOME, we listen to our residents feel their inner emotions and attempt to give resident families the support and help to meet most of their needs. In the living process, we have provided homes to many families, who placed their faith in our quality of building, safety and honesty of commitment. It’s a place that offers nutrition food, hygiene and personal care, mental health and spiritual well being as well as full of exciting life with care and love. This is the right place you can look forward to come address to, in every sense of the word. It‘s a perfect residence where all facilities and comforts are adapt that designed to make certain about the physical and mental health of elderly. By offering outstanding service to the senior citizens in its retirement neighbourhood, MY HAPPY HOME plans to handle the lives of millions of senior citizens to be the best luxurious retirement homes in Hyderabad. We also assign reliable and professional care takers that are available on call every time to look after elderly people.

They are the individuals who are responsible for taking care of people’s health and as well as their comfort level. They are well trained caring and sympathetic individuals watchfully selected by us. Care Managers are also appointed who supervise all the care takers and manages the services. They are also trained in life skills and other health and emergency supervision. We train each of them to handle emergency situations peacefully but with the suitable necessity. We always aim to support in providing enthusiastic support staff who can understand the elderly people’s needs. We have a wonderful team who runs the entire system smoothly with their love and affection. To provide the health services, we are always connected with good doctors and prominent hospitals. We would be more than glad to being a helping hand for you. Welcome to our Hyderabad old age homes and retirement homes Hyderabad where we take away your worries, fears and turn your loneliness into social. If you are looking for a distinguished lifestyle in a protected, safe and refreshing environment, you have reached the right place! If you wish to see all this completely on yourself, you can browse our website to know the services and facilities.

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